We drive success in shared spaces

AIRCRAFT™ uses an exclusive AI-powered medium for ambient music to reliably accelerate success within any institution and business context.

By analyzing customer success metrics during scientific trials, AIRCRAFT™ will hone in on the perfect soundscape to accelerate success in any given institutional or commercial environment.

We rely on scientific process to deliver results, drawing key insights from reading, working one-on-one with academic teams, and conducting our own research alongside our clients.

In an age of ever-increasing information overload, AIRCRAFT™ upholds a vision of shared spaces optimally designed for human well-being. Further, our business processes are designed with an eye on minimizing environmental impact.

We work with industry-leading musical directors and research scientists, per specific client needs.

AIRCRAFT™ is the exclusive for institutional and commercial research, development, and implementation firm for the XJ Music AI-powered medium for ambient music.