The Perfect Sound for Entertainment Spaces

Solutions in the entertainment industries, including casinos, lounges, amusement parks, and sports stadiums.

Balancing the excitement

Capture the sense of spectacle, without being overbearing.

With casinos, guests can spend long hours in one location, be it at a blackjack table or a slot machine. What those guests hear during these sessions can be just as influential as the flashing lights and bright colors they see. With ambience those guests experience a flow of music that beats out any premade playlists in terms of avoiding repetitiveness.

Boosting merchandise sales

Converting the excitement of sports and concerts into sales.

In the stadium or festival setting, ambience plays an important role in encouraging fans to purchase merchandise and concessions. In a limited amount of time, stores and stands need to be able to catch the eye, and ear, of potential customers in order to drive sales.

Heightening the experience

Feeding into the buzz of adrenaline.

The casino setting revolves around high adrenaline situations, both big wins and losses. Ambience succeeds in maintaining an immersive atmosphere, while also feeding the guests feelings of excitement.

Letting go of time

Establishing a hypnotic climate on the casino floor.

Studies show that the music playing in casinos assists in creating a hypnotic atmosphere, which leaves guests in a trance-like state. This leads to guests feeling safe and comfortable, which will allow them to gamble higher amounts and more often than they normally would have.

Offering a calming atmosphere

How escaping the excitement works for your guests.

The highs of the games and shows must be paired with similar environments that allow patrons to recharge their batteries. This could take the form of a bar, lounge, or rest area, but none of their options should be dull and silent. With ambience, your visitors can enjoy a low-key soundscape that will leave them feeling ready to continue their fun.

Perfecting your theme

Bring the ambience of your casino together.

The lights and jingles of casino floors and amusement parks promote risk-taking in patrons, and the auditory experience needs to compliment that function. Even with ambience playing live, you can tune and sync the experience in each setting to match your visual theme as necessary.

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