The Perfect Sound for Live Entertainment

Solutions for live entertainment events, including artist compilations, and venue ambience.

Ever present entertainment

Following the audience throughout the venue.

Why should your audience miss a second of your performance if they don’t have to? By syncing up your backing tracks with our feed, you can play our instrumental remakes of your songs as ambience in lobbies, bars, and bathrooms, to ensure that the fans know when their favorite song is starting.

Offering live compilations

Following the audience throughout the venue.

Using XJ and provided multitracks of studio recordings, we can create a compilation of your catalog as a part of your performance. Fans will enjoy listening to their favorites being reimagined and mashed up between songs or around the venue.

Providing a seamless experience

Ensuring that performances that will always flow.

Live shows, whether they’re held in large stadiums or intimate venues, benefit from a seamless experience. Any lull in the music or silence can potentially pull the audience from their state of immersion and enjoyment. Incorporating the same technology we use to create ambience, artists can supply us with multi-tracks of fan-favorite songs, and we can provide a tunable soundscape to be used between songs or segments.

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