The Perfect Sound for Healthcare Facilities

Solutions for healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and rehab centers.

Easing incoming patients

Lobbies and waiting rooms that comfort potential patients and visitors.

Healthcare facilities are where a person is going from their normal surroundings, into a strange and foreign building, sometimes doing so after experiencing a traumatic event. To be able to calm and comfort anyone who is spending time in a lobby or waiting room can be very helpful to both them and the staff they will be interacting with.

Enhancing shared spaces

A warm and welcoming cafeteria atmosphere.

Cafeterias in hospitals/hospices are shared eating spaces that offer patients a reprieve from their rooms/beds, offer an opportunity for socializing during extended stays and can symbolize physical recovery.

Inspiring rehabilitation

Providing a soundtrack that motivates recovery.

Physical therapy is generally a long and painful process, one that patients need to be motivated to go through with. Just like with normal exercise, music is a powerful force when it comes to hard work.

Noise free environments

Blocking patients from outside sounds and disturbances

Hospitals and hospices can be very noisy, from busy hallways to patients in pain. Having a source of soothing music helps drown out any unwanted noise for patients.

Patients ease of mind

Being able to take their minds off difficult situations.

People being treated in medical facilities benefit from music that has a calming effect, especially after experiencing injury, illness, and trauma.

Positive interactions

Creating a feedback loop between patients and staff.

Staff ultimately perform better when their patient’s conditions improve. By offering a service that can boost the moods of their patients, the staff will also reap the benefits.

Staff stress reduction

Interdisciplinary teams working together seamlessly in high-stress situations.

Workers benefit from an atmosphere that promotes patience and cooperation between their direct coworkers, and members of other departments.

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Sensory Environment on Health-Related Outcomes of Hospital Patients
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2012 March

Music may improve patient-reported outcomes in certain circumstances, so support for this relatively inexpensive intervention may be justified.

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The more positive the music-induced mood, the less anger was experienced and aggressive behavior was shown after provocation.

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The present study examined whether the valence of perceived emotions would differentially influence EEG power spectra and heart rate (HR).

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