The Perfect Sound for Shared Spaces

Solutions for workspaces and learning institutions, including offices, educational tours, and public exhibits.

Amplifying the excitement

Getting the most enjoyment out of the experience.

Ambience serves to supplement your guest’s feelings of excitement and anticipation as they make their way into your zoo or gallery. Their walk from exhibit to exhibit can also become another engaging part of their experience, rather than time spent disengaged. Approaching a room of medieval statues or a lion habitat should fill guests with a sense of foreboding

Learning atmospheres

Facilitating an educational experience through ambience.

For museums and zoos, ambience assists in creating an atmosphere that highlights the spectacles and gets guests excited to learn, whether it acts as a backdrop to an exhibit, tour, or display.

Maintaining focus and improving productivity

Tuning into the workplace

Many studies over the years have shown that including music in the background of a workplace can improve an employee’s ability to focus on their work. By activating different areas of our brains, background music can positively affect our mood, level of focus, and creativity. This increase in focus directly translates to increased productivity, and with ambience, you don’t worry about identifiable songs turning those benefits into a distraction.

Preventing burnout

Using ambience to reduce office tedium.

Repetitive tasks will eventually drain employees, especially when performing them every day, but doing them in silence makes them that much worse. With ambience, your staff members will subconsciously tune into a custom soundscape that will keep their minds from wandering and help postpone feelings of burn out.

Utilizing multimedia

Complimenting visual art with an auditory experience

A key way to shape your guest’s experiences at your gallery or museum is to pair visual art with thematic auditory ambience. This helps give your space a comprehensive and powerful backdrop, as compared to an unfitting selection or silence.

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2012 March

Music may improve patient-reported outcomes in certain circumstances, so support for this relatively inexpensive intervention may be justified.

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The more positive the music-induced mood, the less anger was experienced and aggressive behavior was shown after provocation.

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This study found a positive correlation between ratings of the listening environment and ratings of the music.

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