The Perfect Sound for Industrial Sites

Solutions for the manufacturing industry, including factories and plants.

Maintaining a safe environment for workers

Ambience that doesn’t distract from crucial tasks.

Working with heavy machinery in a manufacturing setting can be very dangerous. In order to avoid accidents, workers must be focused and alert at all times. Locations that incorporate ambience will have the ability to tune both volume level and sound frequencies on the fly to ensure that communication between workers can remain audible and clear.

Overcoming fatigue

Diverting workers minds away from aches and pains.

Manufacturing jobs are commonly worked in long shifts that are spent standing in one place, which is unnatural for the human body. One of the major complaints from plant and factory workers is the constant joint and back pain that tends to result from their jobs over time. While not debilitating, a source of pain like that can contribute to workers feeling burnt out and not being as attentive in their tasks as they could be. The inclusion of ambience gives them something to take their mind off of any discomfort that they might be feeling.

Providing relief from a repetitive job

Using ambience to fend off employee burnout throughout the day.

As with any job that relies on the performance of monotonous tasks, a manufacturing job can be especially draining and leave employees prone to states of mental and physical burn out. Ambience can improve worker’s moods, leading to increased levels of productivity.

Stimulating, but not distracting

Ambience that is meant to be heard, without being listened to.

When it comes to any outside noise in a manufacturing setting, there is an optimal balance between the worker’s level of mental stimulation and their ability to perform their tasks correctly. Unlike most music, ambience is designed to motivate and stimulate, but not distract its audience.

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The Effect of Music-Induced Mood on Aggressive Affect, Cognition, and Behavior
Journal of Applied Social Psychology
2012 February

The more positive the music-induced mood, the less anger was experienced and aggressive behavior was shown after provocation.

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