We drive success in shared spaces.

Aircraft leverages an exclusive new AI-powered sonic ambience to focus attention, boost productivity, enhance quality and safety, protect privacy, and excite the appetite for discovery and enjoyment.

Professionals benefit from a calm atmosphere, maintaining focus and privacy.
Travelers benefit from a calm atmosphere, encouraging the energy to make their way safely.
It is only through environment design, and entertainment, that the experience of air travel is made as stress-free as possible.
Callers on hold benefit from keeping calm with the optimism and energy to keep waiting.
Gamblers benefit from reinforced joy, optimism, and continued interest.
Now that anyone can enjoy sensory overload from the comfort of their couch, there exists a need to create an entirely new world.
Passengers benefit from ever-unfolding discovery, joy, and romance.
Diners benefit from stimulated curiosity, privacy and cozy romance.
Attendees benefit from continuous energy, the spirit of discovery, and the passion of romance.
Visitors benefit from a calm environment, and the privacy to indulge their interest in each piece.
Members benefit from reliable energy and focus on the floor, and a calm environment in the locker room.
Visitors benefit from a non-stop sense of adventure, the drive to discover, and the energy to explore.
Staff and Customers benefit from a calm waiting area, private consultations and the focus to deliver excellence.
Guests benefit from an expansive sense of adventure, joy, and romance.
Shoppers benefit from optimistic aspirations, enthusiasm for new style, and the energy to find the perfect buys.
Guests benefit from soothing calm, an assurance of privacy and the thrill of romance.
Persons in the waiting room benefit from a calm atmosphere, a sense of privacy, and an encouragement of optimism.
Visitors benefit from the spirit of adventure, heightened joy, and continuous curiosity.
Workers benefit from calm, enhanced focus, and increased safety.
Crowds benefit from pure joy and energy, which is also good for everyone's safety.
Staff and Patients benefit from a calm environment, to stay focused and safe.
How Important is Atmosphere to the Perfect Meal?
John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
2014 July
The research that has been published to date unequivocally demonstrates that the atmosphere in a restaurant, or wherever else we choose to eat, really does have a dramatic effect on our perception of food and drink. It can profoundly influence our food behaviours and can even influence how much we end up eating.
In the absence of background music or when the tempo of such music is fast, those with high math anxiety exhibited a heightened avoidance of choices requiring price computations.
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