Entertainment Ambience

Gamblers benefit from reinforced joy, optimism, and continued interest.
Now that anyone can enjoy sensory overload from the comfort of their couch, there exists a need to create an entirely new world.
Attendees benefit from continuous energy, the spirit of discovery, and the passion of romance.
Guests benefit from an expansive sense of adventure, joy, and romance.
Crowds benefit from pure joy and energy, which is also good for everyone's safety.
In the absence of background music or when the tempo of such music is fast, those with high math anxiety exhibited a heightened avoidance of choices requiring price computations.
Type of Musical Soundtrack Affects Behavior in Gambling
Journal of Behavioral Addictions
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Corroboration and elaboration on existing findings concerning gambling and music through a laboratory based experiment.
The present study examined whether the valence of perceived emotions would differentially influence EEG power spectra and heart rate (HR).
The Effect of Music on Atmosphere and Purchase Intentions in a Cafeteria
Journal of Applied Social Psychology
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An exploration of the commercial effects of music choice on sales.