Hospitality Ambience

Callers on hold benefit from keeping calm with the optimism and energy to keep waiting.
Passengers benefit from ever-unfolding discovery, joy, and romance.
Diners benefit from stimulated curiosity, privacy and cozy romance.
Members benefit from reliable energy and focus on the floor, and a calm environment in the locker room.
Guests benefit from an expansive sense of adventure, joy, and romance.
Guests benefit from soothing calm, an assurance of privacy and the thrill of romance.
Persons in the waiting room benefit from a calm atmosphere, a sense of privacy, and an encouragement of optimism.
How Important is Atmosphere to the Perfect Meal?
John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
2014 July
The research that has been published to date unequivocally demonstrates that the atmosphere in a restaurant, or wherever else we choose to eat, really does have a dramatic effect on our perception of food and drink. It can profoundly influence our food behaviours and can even influence how much we end up eating.
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