Amusement Ambience

The art of amusement continues to advance with each generation of entertainment technology, and theme park designers enjoy an ever-expanding palette from which to craft the ultimate experience.

From roller coasters to soda fountains, machines make a lot of noise. Research has proven that ambient music alleviates the commercial risk of putting the crowd in a bad mood.

The traditional approach to music is a playlist of songs, well-curated at best. Now, technology affords us a tremendous new opportunity for ambient music to mitigate attrition and drive commerce. This is Ambience.

What is lacking in the traditional approach? Simply, a song playing in the background is no match for the level of immersion expected by the modern audience. Now that anyone can enjoy sensory overload from the comfort of their couch, there exists a need to create an entirely new world.

Ambience is a giant leap forward in the art of ambient music. The ordinary is completely transformed by a perfect blend of familiarity and surprise. Ambience is not only dynamic across time, it can be designed to evolve seamlessly as visitors move from place to place.

Beyond merely hiding the noise, Ambience has the potential to establish and enrich the park theme, suspend boredom and agitation, build suspense and excitement, and benefit each group of visitors to maintain a positive state of mind while waiting in line at refreshments or rides.

In an amusement park, Aircraft™ is heard but not listened to, musically guaranteed to promote joy, interest, and romance.

Scientific research and development of optimal soundscapes will accelerate success.

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